Graviton --> GTON Capital

Summary of Graviton's updates that pave the way to GTON Capital
Following the recent unveiling of GTON Capital, we intend to take GTON and its utility to a new level. This strategic move aims to consolidate all proposed concepts into a simple and cohesive ecosystem, giving new dimensions to the envisioned and already launched products.

What is GTON Capital?

GTON CAPITAL is an infrastructure for advancing digital capital markets, uniting several mutually reinforcing DeFi 2.0 protocols with the aim of conducting algorithmic governance of liquidity and volume.
GTON CAPITAL includes Candy protocol, a one-sided liquidity mining and staking solution, OGS protocol, a zero-fee AMM DEX, and Pathway, an algorithmic solution for managing PCA (Protocol Controlled Assets) and POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity).
GTON CAPITAL is helped by SuSy - capital efficient liquidity bridge from Solana to EVM and non-EVM chains, to fulfill its mission across all chains.
Redefining Graviton into GTON Capital is prompted by the advancement of DeFi 2.0, which does not reject but augments the initial mission of Graviton -- becoming a central solution for liquidity incentivization.

Built around GTON

CTON Capital places the GTON token at the very center of its ecosystem. As a token with a focus on maintaining high liquidity, GTON will serve as a pillar for the tokenomics of the ecosystem’s projects - OGS, Candy, and SuSy - through bootstrapping primary markets for their tokens. A constant liquidity source for all listed tokens will be achieved by pairing them against GTON.
As a DAO, GTON CAPITAL will own and maintain the majority of the crucial router pools in OGS and serve as the largest LP for these pools in Candy. The collected yield will belong to the DAO, and the constantly replenished treasury will be employed by Pathway to parametrically govern over liquidity and volumes. The DAO will also be the primary rulesetter for treasury management carried out by Pathway. Therefore, GTON CAPITAL is essentially an interconnected ecosystem of products tied together and mutually benefiting from the GTON token.

Same but different

The GTON Capital concept paves a way for the expansion of Graviton. This strategic initiative is a by-product of the experience we have accumulated since the launch of GTON in Spring 2021.
We keep going further, leveraging GTON to create what we believe will become a universal “gold” standard for digital capital markets, which is based upon algorithmic management of liquidity and volumes according to parameters determined by governance.
We’ve gained a lot of insight since the launch of GTON. One of the important realizations is how nuanced it is to properly design a solution that incentivizes liquidity providers. We also noticed how product development is slowed down when the team commits to deliver custom solutions. In addition, farming and staking in Graviton, along with swaps in OGSwap, have always been limited in value, which also limited traction. The recently accepted Occam's proposal fixes these issues. We will thus reuse many proven mechanics and smart contracts while continuing to create unique developments.
However, the main finding that urges us to revise the ecosystem design is what is essential for managing digital capital markets and a key to success: Concentration of capital in the system (Liquidity), Economic activity (Volumes), A flexible system of decentralized management (Governance).
GTON Capital combines solutions with each of the three factors at their core: Candy for liquidity, OGS for trading volume, helped by Pathway, managed by DAO, and complemented by SuSy for multichain presence.

Solid basis for the new times

So what's actually changing?
Graviton was envisioned as a multichain project aimed to boost liquidity for the entire DeFi space. This goal remains the same: the proposed design is dedicated to liquidity boosting tokens listed on OGS & Candy, and of $GTON, $OGS and $CANDY themselves. Let’s take a closer look.
Catalyst, announced earlier as a platform for liquidity boosting with incentives paid out in GTON, lives on as Candy, except for a simplification of LP process to one-sided liquidity mining.
GTON Capital also remains multichain-focused, as Graviton planned to provide liquidity mining across different networks. The GTON token itself has been present on multiple ecosystems, being ported to seven chains within the first month after launch. OGS and Candy will also be multichain with launch (OGSwap as an MVP of OGS LINK already is).
Another product, Megabridge, was previously envisioned as an aggregator of multiple bridges for multidirectional crosschain swaps in one place. It was designed as a solution combining Graviton’s custom bridges and other existing solutions. However, the experience we gained in the space shows that simple token transfers are not something that the industry is missing now. The projects that initially applied for participating in Megabridge are all experiencing issues with uneven liquidity concentration, worsened by the lack of liquidity for wrapped token versions. To counteract that, SuSy, one of the custom products in GTON Capital that still leverages the best existing solutions, has had a major overhaul under the hood. We switched to a fork of Wormhole and implemented liquidity management (PCA) of assets locked on bridges. In addition, governance mechanics are being introduced into SuSy.
The focus on the incentivisation of wrapped tokens finds its place in the amalgamation of the renewed SuSy bridge solution and Candy: our commitment to create effortless cross-chain transfers remains but shifts to a special focus on liquidity. SuSy bridge ensures that liquidity is retained in cross-chain swaps, whilst Candy establishes initial markets for wrapped tokens with GTON-based LP incentives.
Why are SuSy and Candy split into different products? The last thing that we wish for our users is to deal with a massive and inflexible UX solution whilst the whole digital world tends to maximum simplicity.

What’s next?

First, we need the GTON CAPITAL concept to be embraced by the community. We have taken some time to prepare and elaborate on this idea in more detail, and voting will follow. If accepted, the upcoming weeks will be dedicated toward finishing the design and tech concept, and wrapping up the rebranding. DeFi 2.0 matures and so do we, and your support is really crucial for us along the way.