GTON Capital

GTON Staking

Ninja release of the GTON staking went live on June 11, 2021. Users will now automatically receive staking rewards in GTON on their governance balances. Graviton staking parameters can be checked in the portfolio section. No additional actions are needed to start staking your GTON. Distribution happens every 30 minutes.
At the current stage, staking is only available for the early birds who have their GTON rewards credited onto their governance balances. Later on, when the claim and deposit options are activated, staking will become available for Graviton liquidity providers as well.
Staking rewards will be distributed on all GTON holdings of a user, regardless of the source, including early-bird, LP-GTON or LP-wrapped assets farming rewards.
During Ninja releases, it is important to note that smart contracts, as well as other elements of the Graviton system such as backend and frontend have not yet been thoroughly tested and cannot be considered 100% reliable. Thus, at first the staking rewards will be distributed in test mode, independent of the planned unlocking schedule. During the testing phase, we limit the daily paid rewards to 1000 GTON for all participants.
Here is a simple example of the calculations.
Let’s say Bob has deposited $1000 into the Treasury as an early bird.
Total EB deposits equal $4740155. Bob’s share is 0.0002.
At the day of writing, Jule 11, the total unlock is 433097 GTON and his credited early-bird rewards account for 433097*0.0002=86 GTON.
Total governance balance is 435267 GTON at the moment. Staking occurs every day and equals 1000 GTON. That means that he will be receiving 1000*0.0002=0.2 GTON daily.
If the Ninja stage lasts for 2 weeks Bob personally will get 2.8 GTON . In total 14,000 GTON for staking will be distributed among all users after two weeks which constitutes about 6,6 % of the total GTON supply. Whilst the proposed allocation for the upcoming voting is 30%.
It gives around 80% APY (annualised) even at the testing stage which is strictly limited by daily payouts.
Note that after a voting for staking and farming allocations takes place, the total staking rewards will be recalculated, and the uncredited amount of GTON will be transferred to your governance balance.
Once the testing period is over, in approximately 2 weeks, staking will go live with full functionality and allocation that the holders will have voted for, according to the previously announced unlocking formula.